Social Media… Who Needs It?

This is one question I hear over and over again… Why do I need to be active with Social Media… and I am always flabbergasted that someone owning or managing a business would ask me this. After erasing the look of shock from my face, my typical answer is… You can connect with your customers and clients. Of course, that is just a canned, overused answer. So, lets break down the reasons that you need to be active on Social Media.

  • EVERYONE is doing it! Well, not everyone, but Facebook had 245,203,319 at the end of last year, in the United States alone. That represents nearly 68% of all internet users in the United States. Chances are HUGE that more than one Facebook user is located within driving, if not walking distance, of your place of business.
  • People listen to their friends more than they listen to your commercials or website. Don’t take my word for it, just take a look at how sites like Yelp!, UrbanSpoon and Pintrest are changing the way consumers make decisions. Yelp had a monthly average of 117 million users in the third quarter of 2013, with 47 million reviews written in the same time frame. Did you notice MILLION??? And, out of those reviews, roughly 90% were positive, with 10% being negative. 10% doesn’t sound like too much, until you realize that equals 1.17 million negative reviews…. and trust me, they don’t help grow your business.
  • You can create flash deals or sales when your business needs the traffic the most. Most social media users have smartphones, they can receive texts, updates, tweets, ect. in real time. This helps you drive people through your doors when your business is slow. Because, lets face it, your operating costs don’t disappear when customers do.
  • People feel more connected when they connect with you through Social Media. On Social Media sites, people choose to follow your business. This means they already have an interest in you. When they are able to interact, post or share thoughts on your page, they feel as if they really know you and this in turn turns consumers into customers.
  • Social Media advertising costs MUCH LESS than traditional advertising. You can reach many people, through your advertising campaigns and retweets or reposts on repins on several social media sites for pennies. Gone are the day of having to spend thousands of dollars each month to reach consumers. Now, you can spend as little as $5 per day to reach several hundreds to over a thousand of people within your geographical area.

So, now that you have some facts about Social Media, how can you not want to include it in your business marketing plan?

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